Jetson TX2 does not start

After installing latest JetPack, the Jetson TX2 does not even boot up, though I do see all the lights on the developer kit but nothing on the monitor screen.

Very likely it booted up and is running ok. Video not being configured is far more likely (you can’t use video to know if it failed to boot).

The best way to know what is going on is serial console since it is immune to all kinds of failures. Barring that, look at your router and see what address was issued, and ssh in (to either “nvidia@some_address”, pass “nvidia”, or “ubuntu@some_address”, pass “ubuntu”).

Try also going to console: CTRL-ALT-F2.

Note that if your monitor is not HDMI auto configuration is a guaranteed fail. Adapters to the old 15-pin VGA are not capable of passing through configuration data. Can you say more about how your monitor is attached and any adapters?