Jetson TX2 not able to Boot


Previously I was using TX1 board, Now I bought TX2 but when I power it up it is not booting.

But it is mentioned pre installed Linux is available in the package.

Please help me to start up.

Thanks and Regards,
Aravind K

If you purchased the development kit, then the o/s is pre-loaded. If you purchased a separate module, then it will be empty. Either way you will want to flash before doing too much since the shipping version is rather out of date.

On the other hand, many people mistake lack of video for failure to boot even when the system is otherwise running correctly. Video auto configuration can fail while all else works.

If you have a router you can check to see if a DHCP request went out, then you can find the address and ssh to user “nvidia” or user “ubuntu” at that address (default is same name/pass).

Sometimes a text console works even when graphical mode fails. Try CTRL-ALT-F2.

Serial console is very good for debugging and easy to do. This is recommended as serial console has very few requirements and can work even when most of the system has failed. See:

If you still have no access after checking the above, and if this is a dev kit instead of a bare module, then post your findings and it can be debugged from there.

I suggest you set up at a computer OS Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.
Then you put the device into the recovery mode and use Jetpack at the computer device to flash the Jetson with a new environment. Then try to boot it again.