Jetson TX2 cannot boot

My TX2 cannot boot,it keeps rebooting like this

please help me!

Is it correct that:

  • This is the TX2 developer kit? Answers and causes will change if this uses a third party carrier board.
  • This unit previously worked?

Incidentally, to debug, by far the easiest and most powerful method is to start by posting a full serial console boot log. Knowing what happens before the error is perhaps more important than the actual error (at least in this case since the error basically says “its broken” without details of what lead up to it).

Some serial console information:

Yes, is the TX2 developer kit.And it used to work before.

Can you post a serial console boot log?

I can’t, I can’t enter any interface now, the machine keeps turning on and off

Is it correct that if the serial console is connected and running before power is applied to the Jetson, that it disconnects before there is any output?

Incidentally, Jetsons are very sensitive to power regulation quality. Is this the original power source which ships with the TX2? Making sure power is correct (and very well regulated) about the only thing left to check if it is powering off. Unfortunately, if that fails, then I suspect the carrier board has failed (sometimes a module can fail, but carrier board power issues are far more likely).


actually it sounds like you don’t know how to dump serial console log…

Please refer to this.

I just wanted to know what you did before?

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