My tx2 can't boot.

I left lab last night,and didn’t shutdown tx2. Today tx2 can’t boot.When the development board is powered on, the red light is on, but when the power button is clicked, the power supply yellow light is off and the machine cannot be turned on.

How to solve this problem?

First, is this the power supply which comes with the dev kit? Can you say it the supply’s barrel connector is putting out approximately 19.5V?

Next, if you use the micro-B USB cable and connect to a host, can you put the TX2 in recovery mode and see it from the host? Hold down recovery, tap power on (you could try tapping it several times), and then let go of recovery. From the host, if you can see output from “lsusb -d 0955:7c18”, then recovery mode is achieved and at least some part of the basic system is working.

hi linuxdev,
I make sure that I use the power supply which comes with the dev kit, and it put out around 19.5V
I will try to connect to host.If anything was wrong , I will explain here.

thank you.

Hi linuxdev,
I have tried your method,but it is no working.the basic system wasn’t working.the host can’t find output.

Most of the time when something like this goes bad it is on the carrier board. Do you have another carrier board you can swap with as a test? Otherwise this will probably require RMA (if you know it is the carrier then perhaps you could hold on to the module and RMA the carrier only…not sure if that is possible or not).

hi linuxdev,

you mean that I should seek to return to the factory for repair , right? If I want to repair it , how can I to ask for service? Who should I connect to?

Thank you.

You may have a look to Warranty & RMA Process in the bottom of this post.