Jetson TX2 not powering up

I connected a 3S LiPo to the Jetson, 10,000mAh but the jetson did not boot, only th red power LED worked. After this, it does not power on even with the AC adapter. CR6 links once whenever I press the power button. Cannot go into recovery mode as well. The adapter is providing 19.2V as usual. Kindly comment if any more information is needed any help will be much apreciated.

What voltage does the battery put out when not under load?

FYI, if interested in RMA information is near the top of this:

Battery gave 11.9V at the time.
I already had a Live Chat session, the person asked me to post on this forum. How do I start with the RMA procedure and what exactly happens?

That was the live chat for starting RMA. You should probably start this again and mention the forum post.

Sometimes you may need a large capacitor right at the power connector if the battery wires are low gauge or long. The fact that the regular power supply also stopped working after this tends to show it is actual hardware failure. If not for this I’d say perhaps it is just resistance in the wiring, and although the battery is within spec, that you won’t be able to get it working again if you can’t even get recovery mode…recovery mode under the dev kit power supply should be very reliable if hardware is functioning.