Can not start up TX2

After connecting the power, i push the power button, but there is no response. Only one red light is on.
It can be used normally before. I put it on the desk and did nothing on it. After 2 weeks, it can not start up.

Does anybody know why?

Hi, does the devkit connect to any external device? Did you use DC power supply for it so as to observe the input current value when press power button? Can the board enter recovery mode? Can it be flashed?

If it can not enter recovery mode and input current is much high than normal, it might be the board broken for some reasons, you can run RMA for it.

I have just tried use DC(18v) power supply, and the current is just 9 mA,i don’t know what is the normal current.

If you have no other methods/knowledge to check the board, you can run RMA for it.

but i bought the board on 2018/11/20, it’s already under warranty…

Do you have another dev kit to do cross check to make sure it is module issue or carrier board issue? For warranty problem, you can contact local vendor for how to solve that.