Jetson TX2 DevKit not powering up (CR5 on only) and Force Recovery not working

Hi all,

I, too, and having similar problems with the Jetson TX2 Development Kit. When I first received it, applying 14.5Vdc to the barrel connector only lighted LED CR5 (VDD_IN), as expected, but the unit wouldn’t respond to the standard Force Recovery button turn-on sequence (off / push Force Recovery button / power on / with FR button pushed, momentarily press On button / release On button / release FR button). I mention the Force Recovery sequence in case someone spots a significant error.

Anyhow, after MANY MANY trials of doing this, and also trying other combinations (involving Reset button), one time the unit turned on! Namely, green LEDs CR1 (SOC Enabled) & CR2 (Power), and red LED CR6, all turned on. During this period I was able to flash the OS successfully (JetPack 4.4.1, I think) using SDKManager on my other Linux computer.

Subsequently, the unit turned on normally (i.e., with only a press of the Power On button) for several instances over the next few days, and I began to setup my Ubuntu desktop preferences. HOWEVER, yesterday the DevKit refused to turn on again , with behavior now having only CR5 lit when power is applied, with no other response (other than the PCIE/SATA red LED CR6 briefly flashing every time Power On button is pressed). The only thing I can imagine that happened is that perhaps there’s a problem with ESD protection as I plugged in the nominal 12V external power into the barrel connector (??). I have downloaded the DevKit schematics, but as of now have not figured out a possible culprit for why the unit ceased to turn on, especially since it worked flawlessly for several days.

I really don’t know what to do at this point. Please help! I invested a bit of $ into providing the DevKit with a mini-ITX case and a SATA SSD, and planned on making this my main Linux computer, so it would be great to find out how to fix this!!

Thanks very much for anyone’s insight.

Is it possible to use a DC supply to observe the input voltage / current when this happen? That will be helpful to check if any component broken which might cause voltage drop or high current.

In addition, did you follow the devkit user guide to do these? And can it enter recovery mode? If can, maybe you can try re-flash the original image to eliminate possible sw issue.

If you are able to debug from hardware side, I would suggest to get the power on sequence by capturing the signals involved as that in power on sequence figure in OEM Product Design Guide.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Regarding recovery mode, as I mentioned in the original post there’s no power-on sequence, and thus recovery mode is irrelevant (yet).

I might be able to observe the momentary ‘blip’ of CR6 upon pressing Power On using an oscilloscope, but as far as I can tell I’m unsure about whether or not there are convenient test points on the PCB for ease of probing.

However, the suggestion to look for help in the OEM Product Design Guide is great, as I wasn’t aware of this document until you provided a link. I must have missed it when downloading TX2 DevKit docs from the developer site.

If I have any progress, I’ll post about it here in case anyone else encounters similar symptoms. In the meantime, if anyone knows or could easily guess what’s going on here, please feel free to post comments!


I mean, currently, can it enter recovery mode by holding recovery button and then pressing power button?

And can you read the total input current with a power supply having value display?

As I mentioned, it cannot/does not enter Force Recovery mode. I can certainly measure in-line current to the Kit, but I’m not expecting much current draw, as CR5 is the only lit LED. I haven’t done that yet.

In the event that I find that the unit is damaged, what’s the procedure? Does NVIDIA have a place I could send it for repair, or am I expected to repair it myself?

You can run RMA for it.