Jetson TX2 cannot enter recovery mode

I just flashed a jetson with the new jetpack 4.6.3 and it finished successfully but when I reboot the jetson, it doesn’t start, there is a red light on the TX dev kit blinking for a second and it turns off. I couldn’t get the serial console as nothing is launched.
The TX dev kit works fine for other jetsons (flashing and running).


Are you using the devkit or custom board?
Could your board enter force recovery mode and flash again?
Please provide the flash log for further check.

Yes I’m using the devkit and I couldn’t get into the recovery mode. I can’t get any information as it turns off very quickly, I can’t even get any log on the serial console.

Does it do that even if all peripherals are disconnected? Try it with no network cable, no HDMI cable, and no USB cable connected.

Can you please describe the issue in detail?

Was this devkit normal with other version jetpack?

What does this mean? The module works fine with other devkit carrier board?

Yes, I have nothing connected but the power.

Yes, I have three jetsons tx2 and I have problems with two of them, I noticed that both have the same part number ending with “-D01 K”. The other on is “-D00 E” and it works fine (flashing and running).
Does it have to do with Jetson/Devkit models?

Yes the module works fine with other devkit carrier board.

Can these two devkits work normally with other version software?

I have only one DevKit and three jetsons TX2. One jetson is working correctly “-D00 E” and the other two “-D01 K” have problems.
I didn’t test with other versions recently but I used to flash jetsons with it since jetpack 3.3.x

I think a better way is sharing the uart log where the error is shown.

Here is the uart log for one of them. I can’t get any log for the second one.
rebooting.txt (22.9 KB)


Your log seems not using jetpack4.6.3 version. Are you sure the flash process is really finished without error?

I’m actually trying to flash it with 4.6.3 but I can’t remember which version is installed, certainly not 4.6.3. The problem I have is the jetson keeps rebooting and I can’t flash it because I can’t get it on the recovery mode.


Just some points here

  1. For this issue, actually not every jetpack release can support all TX2 modules. For example, jetpack 3.2 released in 2018 may not support the TX2 module manufactured in 2021 because some components (mostly DRAM) are no longer manufactured. In that case, we will release PCN announcement on our download center and then you may need new jetpack version to support such new module.
    As jetpack4.6.3 is the latest one that support TX2, you should try it first.

  2. I am not quite sure why “board keeps rebooting” makes you not able to reflash the board. Do you always use software method to enter recovery mode? I mean, you don’t know that you could use button on the devkit to trigger recovery mode?

Yes I’m always trying to use the latest version of the jetpack. Does it have to do with the part number of the jetson? because I have problems with two jetsons with the same part number ending with "-D01 K” but the third jetson ending with “-D00 E” is working fine (flashing and running)?

I actually always trigger recovery mode using the button, recovery button+RST if the jetson is on, or recovery button+power if the jetson is off. But with no success!


Just another reminder. “Cannot trigger recovery mode” is basically a pure hardware problem.
Please use the fine module to check your step to enter recovery mode is correct first. And then flash your problematic module again.

The key point here is share the flash log. It is more clear to tell the situation.

If I understand correctly, do you want me to flash the fine module and share the flash log with you?
It will help debug the other jetsons?


I mean below

  1. Make sure you can really use the fine module and your TX2 devkit buttons to trigger the recovery mode. And host is able to flash module.

  2. Swap the module to the problematic module. Use the same method as (1), do the flash again. Share the log.
    → log is for this case. Not fine module

(1) is to prove that you really know how to enter recovery modes with buttons and your carrier board + host + usb cable are fine.

Yes I can, I just flashed the fine jetson “-D00 E” and everything went smoothly, that jetson is now working with no issue.

Which log? But I can’t flash it, I can’t get into recovery mode.

I mean just log shows.