TX2 developer kit not powering up

I am having an issue powering up an older Jetson TX2 developer kit.
It worked fine until a few instants ago when it suddenly lost power. When I powered it up again I couldn’t get any video output.
The ‘red’ led CR5 is on as soon as the board is powered. CR6 and the green led CR2 both turn on once I hit the power button but the CR1 led does not (it was on before I observed the issue).
Do you have any ideas about what could be going on?
Thanks a lot!

We can only suggest to reflash your devcie with SDK manager.

Thanks for the hint!
I am not able to see the board using lsusb once connected and in recovery mode. Any ideas on what I could do next?

Do you have other TX2 board that can validate whether your host really can flash/detect or not?

I don’t have any other developer kit to test it with; do you know whether there is any sequence I could try or perhaps reflash the board via serial interface? Additionally, is there anything I can infer from the fact the led CR1 is off? I haven’t reached any conclusion from the user guide.