Jetson TX2 not turning on anymore :(

I am having troubles with my Jetson TX2. It happened that I turned it off for one week and I wasn’t able to turn it on anymore. The leds that lighten up are CR5 and CR6 as in the pictures attached.

The Nvidia display pic doesn’t show up (no output display), I am not able to reach by network and I am not able to see it through an host PC by the SDK (I don’t know if the board is correctly set in rec mode, I followed this sequence :

  1. Power down the device. If connected, remove the AC adapter from the device. The device must be powered
    OFF, and not in a suspend or sleep state.
  2. Connect the Micro-B plug on the USB cable to the Recovery (USB Micro-B) Port on the device and the other
    end to an available USB port on the host PC.
  3. Connect the power adapter to the device.
  4. With the system powered on:
    • Press and hold the RECOVERY FORCE button.
    • While depressing the RECOVERY FORCE button, press and release the RESET button.
    • Wait 2 seconds and release the RECOVERY FORCE button.).

What could have happened to the board ? How can I verify if it can still work ?

Thank you,


hello marzia.pipino,

  1. please check $ lsusb for your devices, did you see 7c18 that represents Jetson TX2 module?
  2. please also setup Serial Console - NVIDIA Jetson TX2 - JetsonHacks, to gather bootloader logs for reference.

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