NVIDIA Jetson TX2 not powering up

I have been using Nvidia Jetson TX2 since a few months without any issues. Suddenly it has stopped powering up.
I can see one CR5 Led glow RED when i plug in the power and CR6 LED glows RED when i press the power button but the green LEDs do not glow as they do when it powers up.
I already tried connecting it using serial communication but cannot see anything when i press the power button on the terminal. I see some random garbage characters on the terminal when I press reset.
I have been using the standard power adapter itself and I am sure there is not issue with the connections.
The chip hots up when i power on.
Any solutions?

Are you able to enter it into Recovery mode and attach it to a host PC over micro-USB?
After entering into Recovery mode, does it come up under ‘lsusb’ from the host PC?

No I am not able to enter recovery mode and cannot see any anything under lsusb.

OK, sounds like you want to RMA it.

FYI, RMA information near the top of this: