TX2 Bricked?

I have a Jetson TX2 on the developer board that I can’t seem to boot. I plugged in the serial cable and logged in with minicom following instructions here (https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2017/03/24/serial-console-nvidia-jetson-tx2/) but at the point where the kernel is supposed to load, I get nothing. I was using an RS232 cable instead of the TTL cable suggested in the tutorial. There’s a voltage difference in the two cables so it’s possible this is why the serial isn’t working. We’re waiting on a TTL cable to arrive before proceeding.

On the developer board, when the power button is pressed, the CR2 power LED does not come on.

Does anyone have any further suggestions on debug steps? Should we just give up?

Is there a red LED lit after you plug in the power supply? How old is your devkit? (that red LED didn’t come until slightly later)

Are you able to connect it to a PC over micro-USB and enter recovery mode? (i.e. after entering recovery mode, do you see an NVIDIA device under ‘lsusb’ from the PC)

Thanks for your response. Yes, the red LED lights on the developer board. The board works with other functioning TX2s we have.

We cannot enter recovery mode and nothing shows on lsusb, probably because it never boots. We have about 10 TX2s that we use, typically when you apply power and turn it on, you can see some of the kernel loading info on the screen. This TX2 does nothing on the screen when you turn it on, which is why we tried the serial cable to debug. They also usually heat up a bit after running for a while, this one doesn’t.

OK, sounds like you want to RMA it.

Serial console requires 3.3V TTL level serial cables. If you used the provided micro-B USB cable though, and could not reach recovery mode, then you have fairly solid evidence of hardware failure. Some RMA info is at the top of this (search for “RMA”):