Jetson tx2 don't boot, how to debug using the serial console

When connecting the adapter. Only the red led is working.

When pressing the power up button, nothing happens.

I connected to the board using serial console and minicom, following this tutorial:

When pressing power up button, nothing is received with serial console.

I want to know 2 things:

1- How the debug the problem using the serial console to know if the problem is from the Jetson tx2 module itself or from the carrier board?

2- How to access the eMMC in the module to get my data using serial console or any other method? Ordinary recovery method using USB don’t work because the system does not start.

I added information here:

Could you specify where can I find the added part in the page?

Which added part? Do you mean what is a valid serial UART cable which will work?

I meaned the added part part in the link page:

There are a lot of links on that page…you would need to be more specific. If you are looking for a serial console (serial USB UART), then most any will work if it is a “3.3V TTL” level and has the connector you want (I prefer to get cables with an FTDI chip in it…these are supported without adding any drivers to the PC…with other chips YMMV). I originally picked up a USB serial UART which had bare wires and put a standard 0.1" header on it.

At minimum you need the TX/RX/Ground wires…a 3-wire cable. There may be cases where you also want the CTS/RTS wires, but in the case of a TX2 serial console these are not used. The ones with a utility connector on it to fit a standard 0.1" pin are good for this. Most of the articles I see use the 3 wire version.

1- If I remove a component by soldering for a test from the carrier then I return it again. Is it acceptable to return back the jetson for RMA to Nvidia for RMA? Or it is recommended to not solder electronic components on the carrier.

2- Can I return the carrier to RMA without the module?

Many thanks.

I cannot officially say, but I suspect any soldering would void all RMA ability. The best you could do is put a probe on the part (oscilloscope or DMM). You’d have to ask the people in the chat application if you can return only part of it…maybe, I don’t know.

I bought another jetson tx2 board today.

I put the old Jetson tx2 module on the new carrier board.

Nothing working although the two development kits are the same.

The module doesn’t send the signal power necessary for system power.

When I connect the adapter and press the power up button. Only the red led is working. Nothing other us work.

The great problem is the invaluable data I have inside.

I want to get the data from the module. How the extract the data from eMMC card.

Could you give any method you know to extract my data?

I do not know of any method to extract data from a module which fails to reach recovery mode. Someone with knowledge of the module itself may be able to provide ideas of which rails to check and what to replace, although that may not solve anything.

If the data is truly irreplaceable then someone with knowledge of module layout may be able to remove the memory from one module and place it on a different module…very risky and requiring much skill in hot air rework.