TX2 not working(show nothing on screen )

Using HDMI wire showing nothing on screen, try to use Minicom to debug, but minicom shows garbled, can’t get any info. how to further troubleshooting?

This TX2 first time use showed nothing, and can’t debug further. for serial part shows garbled, I have followed the link for serial port connection.

Did you ever flash the board with jetpack?

no ,do nothing with the tx2, when I received this tx2, never worked, show nothing on screen

ok… then I think you should download sdkmanager and flash it first…

There is nothing installed on device if it is fresh.

ok, do you have a link to install sdkmanage for tx2 for beginners?

yup, please refer to this page.

One more question, do we have basic c or c+ project can be used as base for development, such as for autonomous driving or machine control? thanks

by install sdkmanager, the issue solved, this topic can be closed. thanks