Jetson TX2 HDMI doesn't work

The screen does not appear when I connect the monitor using HDMI.
The monitor is working fine.

So I’ve reset Jetson, but it’s the same.

How can I fix it?

Is there anyone who solved this problem…


What carrier board are you using? Is it a nvidia devkit? Does that monitor have a natvie HDMI port or you use some adapter?

It is a devkit… and i use natvie HDMI.
I use jetson tx2 for about 6 months.
And Suddenly this problem happens.

Is there any place in Korea that can be repaired?

Does serial console work? See:

It could be software and not hardware. Also, you didn’t mention which release of L4T (or JetPack/SDK Manager) you used to flash. If it is a newer release now versus an older release in the past, then there are some changes to the flash, especially the need to create an account on first boot, which might get in the way.

It sounds like a hardware issue if this issue comes suddenly. Please try with the serial console first for debug log.

Actually, I saw before.
And I did it just before it broke down.

I use UART to connect raspberry and jetson tx2.
Jetson TX2 J21 Pin 8 (UART 1 TXD) → Cable RXD (White Wire) → Raspberry Pin 8 (UART 1 TXD)
Jetson TX2 J21 Pin 10 (UART 1 RXD) → Cable TXD (Green Wire) → Raspberry Pin 10 (UART 1 RXD)

The serial cable is hooked up to the Raspberry but is not plugged into the Jetson. And the jetson was power-off.

After install minicom, and then I connect UART (Jetson-Raspberry pi).

Is there any problem here?
And is Minicom used to communicate with each other board?


The uart console in that tutorial should be used between jetson tx2 and your host computer.

That would dump the boot log from jetson to your host which is running minicom.
We need that log to tell if your hdmi driver has any problem.


I can’t even figure out the log because there’s nothing on the screen. Is there any case like me? Could you give me a solution? I tried to reset it but it doesn’t work.

Serial console uses the screen on the host PC. In theory an RPi could be a host PC for reading serial console, but that would depend on if the RPi had the UART drivers (the USB side needs drivers if this is a USB serial UART, the Jetson side does not). In the case of two literal UARTs talking to each other without USB your wiring sounds correct, but both sides would need to have the same settings. The Jetson side is fixed, and the RPi port would need (such as via minicom or gtkterm) speed 115200, 8-bit, no parity, one stop bit, and no flow control. If the RPi is set up correctly (I don’t know if the RPi pins are correct or not), then the console program on the RPi should see text start scrolling by during the Jetson boot.

FYI, if there are any adapters on the monitor, then those are suspect. If the monitor has something unusual about it, e.g., it is an odd small screen without the usual PC resolutions, then the driver might not be able to operate in those modes. Not all monitors are interchangeable, and you should describe more about any adapters or if anything about the monitor is unusual. Video failing to configure is not the same as a boot failure.