Jetson TX2 Startup - No HDMI Signal

Yesterday I connected monitor, keyboard, mouse, ethernet to a new Jetson TX2 board. I installed a number of new packages with apt-get, and then left it running overnight.

This morning it was off. When I power on, or restart there is no HDMI signal?!

Any ideas?


Hi abliviax,

Any log for this issue?

I don’t know how to get any information from the board without a working monitor?!

ssh should work to the “ubuntu” or “nvidia” account. Serial console is better since it works even under fairly bad conditions. See:

Hi abliviax,

Please share the log for us to debug. Thanks!

A couple of comments since you updated some packages…

If is overwritten video will fail, but it is easy to fix if you have ssh or serial console. To find out run:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

If you did a complete “upgrade” to a new release (beyond just package updates…the option for a new release) this will completely break it every time. The built in major upgrade tool to go from one Ubuntu release to the next has no understanding of embedded hardware or its drivers, device tree, and firmware.