TX2 Dev Kit - No HDMI Output

I just received the TX2 Dev Kit and attempted to boot the system. I’ve plugged in a keyboard and mouse into a hub and the hub into the type a usb port. I’ve connected the D/C power barrel and the hdmi port. When I push the power button, a few LEDs turn on, a few seconds later the lights on the usb hub turn on. Around this time my monitor flickers and displays a message saying that the resolution is not possible to display on this monitor. (Its a 1080p monitor). I’ve tried two different monitors and I can’t get anything to display. The fan on the TX2 is also not spinning. When I numlock on the keyboard the led changes states. However, capslock does not. Any ideas as to what to try next?

The LED state and fan not running are normal (the fan won’t spin unless it heats up, and normally it won’t have enough heat waste to bother with the fan). What you are seeing is video not configuring.

Are all of the monitors true HDMI and not anything with a 15-pin D-sub VGA adapter?

FYI, your router should show the Jetson requesting and receiving an IP address. A host on that network could ssh in to that address (either “ubuntu@” or “nvidia@”…name/pass of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” or “nvidia”/“nvidia” is default).

A serial console cable is a good way to debug if you don’t have networking:

I am able to find it on the network and remote in.

One monitor is connected to the HDMI via an HDMI to DVI adapter. The other monitor is straight HDMI.

Now that I am remoted in, can I force the resolution of the HDMI port?

“I just received the TX2 Dev Kit and attempted to boot the system”
Did you install OS to Jetson using Jetpack at HostOS Ubuntu ?
What Jetpack version did you use?
Adapters wont work with Jetpack >3.0 as far as I understand. At least my hdmi-vga turned out not to work since 3.0 .
You can set resolution with something like xrandr.
You may try connect via the network with vnc or some remote desktop client.

I was able to get the monitor to show by unplugging and re plugging the hdmi cord, but only if the system was already booted. It seems that by re-detecting the device, it went from “no edid” information to proper edid.

There may be some EDID hotplug issues with some monitors. The pre-release of L4T R28.2 seems to have at least in part fixed some of this (if possible try the pre-release via JetPack3.2). See:

Hi timerbes,

If only hotplug works, it seems the same issue as Andrey1984 paste. Please refer to below link for kernel patch.


You can also give jetpack3.2DP a quick try. That issue should fix.