Jetson TX2 doesn't power on


My TX2 starts up for about 5 seconds when I press the Power Button, but soon after that it turns off. (Only the red lamp near the center is lit)
The AC adapter uses 19V 3.5A. What do you think is the cause?
However, if you press the power button many times, it will continue to start very rarely. At that time, it can operate normally. Maybe there isn’t enough or too much current?

Hi, is it a new devkit or not? Did this happen before if it is not a new one? Do you have equipment like oscilloscope to capture the power sequence as listed in product design guide in DLC? Also you can read the user guide of TX2 devkit to check if any violation during your steps:

Thank you for answering.

The TX2 is a developer kit, a P2597 model. My operation was the same as the user guide. I tried different voltages using a regulated power supply and the results were the same.
I got it second hand, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

How about leave it un-powered for more time, and then plug in the supply to power on? It looks not like a power supply issue but something broken. Maybe you need RMA for it.

If you turn on the power after a while, there is a high probability that it will start successfully. However, it may suddenly cut off with just a little movement. This is a used item, and it seems that about 5 years have passed. Can I RMA?

It looks like something is loose. You can check if the power connector on board is loose or not. Regarding the RMA, not sure if it is in the time, you can try the process.

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