Jetson TX2 doesn't turn on

Hi, I connect the power supply to the jetson, then I press the power button but nothing happens. Is it possible to have it repair?

Thank you

Is this the development kit carrier board and power supply? Or some other carrier? Do any LED power indicators show?

It’s the development kit carrier board and power supply. The only LED indicator is the red one who turns on when I plug the power supply.

This will perhaps seem odd, but if you rapidly tap the power on button a few times in a row does anything change? Are any of the screws holding down the module itself loose?

I just tried to tap the power button a few times, but still no response. As for the screws, they seem to be alright.

I hate to say it, but you will probably need to RMA. Someone else may have an idea, but if you want to RMA, some information is near the top of this:

Thanks anyway :)