Jetson Tx2 not powering up

I have a jetson tx2, so the problem is when i try to push power button, but it doesn’t show any response other than a red led blinking for a second with the press. There is no other response other than this, i have tried with two different powers as i have two jetson tx2’s so, i cannot understand about the issue. Is there any technical issue or the board is dead and needs replacement?

Are you saying the power supply works with one TX2, but not the other? The behavior you mention suggests and actual hardware failure (probably of the carrier board), but sometimes it is just a power supply problem. If one of them works with your named power supply, then that pretty much eliminates the power supply as being bad.

There may be one twist to the situation though: If one TX2 works, but the other does not, then it could be a result of something plugged in to it. If both fail, and you’re using the same attached peripherals for each, then perhaps removing those peripherals would result in both working (e.g., I’ve had a failed USB printer cause this).