Getting problem with my Jetson TX2 developer kit while powering on, unable to boot the system

Can anyone support me or assist me that how can I solve my issues.
I am getting problem while powering my kit, the kit is not booting and I am new to this processor, while power on a red led is blinking then it is getting off, no further any process is carried out…
please, anyone, support me, how should I solve this problem and why this is happening?

➤ does it receive ip address over dhcp? | you could check it at network router

☞ can you connect to it over ssh ? | in case it receives dhcp settings from a router

☂ did you try flashing / reflashing it? | that takes to put into recovery mode and then connect with mciro usb cable to host PC and flash the system

sir actually while powering the kit only red led CR5 blink and then it off, no other functioning is going on.
how can I connect, can you explain in details, I simply connecting it with power ac adapter,
you are saying that I should connect it with a router and then get the IP address.

try using different power source | may be something from a laptop will fit into Volt - Ampere characteristics

Also try tapping the power on quickly, several times in a row…if you are really close to minimum requirements then it may boot (and you’d know the current supply is at the edge of working). If not, then no harm.