Jetson TX2 Development Kit only powering on with low voltage

I have a Jetson TX2 Dev-kit and it only seems to power on when being supplied with around 10V. If I give it more, I am unable to turn it on, but the red lights still turn on. However, I am able to turn it on with 10V then increase the voltage, and the Jetson stays on. Is there any way to supply it with around 14V-16V and still be able to turn it on?

It should be ok up to around 19.5V (the adapter which comes with the devkit is 19.5V). The usual issue is that at the moment of powering on (a very short moment) the power needs to remain very stable and a current spike will cause some power supplies to not be sufficiently stable. I suspect there is a very tiny voltage spike at higher voltages on your power supply.

Hi julia,

As linuxdev said, there might be a voltage drop causes this. You can probe the input voltage to find out the drop.