Jetson TX2 Won't Power Up

I was using my board for a project today and things were working like usual. The board powered off by itself. I’ve been using a remote power source which isn’t always reliable, so this is not unexpected. However when we attempted to turn the board back on, it won’t start, and the “Alert! pcie/sata” LED turns on when the power button is pressed. Monitor connected via HDMI does’t receive a signal. What can I do to troubleshoot this?

Do you have serial console? See:

ssh could also possibly work. See if ping works, and if you can ping, then try ssh login. Serial console is better since it shows messages even in early boot stages prior to the Linux kernel running (plus serial console programs allow logging).

I would like to know how did you manage to get the Serial Console if the board couldn’t power up?, I’m having the same error where the Jetson TX2 won’t power on, and therefore I can’t get any serial console.

Serial console works even in early stages prior to Linux ever starting. It is quite possible the host PC or some other setting might prevent serial console from working, but if serial console setup is correct, and there is no serial console output, then there is a high probability of hardware failure. I’ve heard of Macs, and sometimes Windows not working well with serial console without changes, but a Linux host PC should more or less just work on serial console.