Jetson Tx2 stuck at nvidia logo,not booting up and red LED is enabled near Alert! PCIE/SATA powered up! ,this happened after trying to enable the SPI.

These are the images regarding the scenario lsusb is listing the nvidia corp. device name.

Can you use a serial console ? This may show where it fails.

muralik… have u resolved this issue i also got stuck please reply … about this issue

If you purchased a module (not a dev kit), then no software is installed and it must have something flashed. Otherwise, the serial console question (see the URL above from @Honey_Patouceul) is the way to see what is going on.

I have the same issue, I can connect with serial console but i dont have idea… what is the next step?

Serial console information is here, and would be the next step:

Serial console provides information starting early on in boot before the Linux kernel itself is even loaded. There is no dependency on much of the system, and systems which are mostly failing often have serial console access. The serial console application usually offers the ability to log, and so you could provide a log of boot starting at the moment power goes on.

You would also want to describe your host PC, e.g., if it is a VM or not, Ubuntu 18.04, so on. Plus describe which L4T/JetPack release you are flashing with.