Problem with booting TX2

My Tx2(8GB) board automatically shuts down during boot.
On powering on the device the Nvidia splash screen appears, following the splash screen, text appears stating the TX2 is entering shutdown mode. The green LED lights beside the power button remain on.
I am running Jetpack version 4.6.1.
The TX2 has been working fine for the past few weeks it is only today this problem has started.
Any help would be appreciated.

please check the uart log and share it here.

Thanks for the reply.
I assume the only way to do this is through the USB-TTL cable and no other method?
I dont have that cable type available atm.

Yes, it is the only way to check bootloader log and the most precise way to know the status of your board.

Hi Wayne,
I have followed the guide and have copy and pasted the output into a pastebin below.

Let me know if this is correct and what you need.
Thanks again for your help!


The log indicates your system is booting into kernel and stuck.

If you want a quick solution, I would say directly reflash the board.

Or if you want me to help dig into the cause, need to change the kernel commandline to enable more logs. However, since enabling kernel cmdline requires either flash or change the file in rootfs, I think reflash is the faster way to you.

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