NVIDIA Jetson TX2 stuck in bootloader

I am using Jetpack 3.3.3 (which has Ubuntu16.04) on my JetsonTX2. When I am trying to install any python packages or libraries for my project suddenly the OS gets frozen. I cannot use any input of the keyboard or mouse. So, I have to restart the Jetson TX2 manually by removing the power cord and plug it back in. Now, when I boot the Jetson TX2 it is stucked on the following screen (screenshot attached). Only way out of this is re-flashing the Jetpack. I don’t want to do this as re-flashing is removing my existing important files (also I cannot backup since OS is frozen). Is there any other solution to solve this problem?. Thanks.

You would need to provide a serial console boot log. Serial console is nice because it is more or less immune to most crashes. See:

Hello @linuxdev,
I will try that. Thanks a lot.

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