Opening upon Jetson Xavier NX

I’m working with Jetson Xavier NX. I’m not able to open up the device. Actually, initially for the first time the device get on and successfully booted. After some time I shutdown the device. When I on the device able to start the booting but it stucked in the middle of the booting and unable to complete the booting process. Below is the image of the stucked booting. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Please first try re-flashing the device with SDK Manager.

How to re-flash the device , since it has an inbuilt sd card. What are the steps to follow?

What is inbuilt sd card?
Are you using a DevKit or a custom board?

For DevKit, follow this:
For a custom board, please ask the board vendor for help.

Actually i brought this device from amazon and it is a NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit

Then use SDK Manager.

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