Jetson Xavier NX Powered On But Will Not Boot

Hi, I was restarting my NX when I started having the issue of the NX receiving power (indicated by the presence of the green LED) but the system would not boot. I have waited and replugged power multiple times, and also had all peripherals disconnected, but it still won’t boot.

Any help is appreciated at this point. Thank you!

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Not sure if any operation to cause the system image corruption,have you tried to reflash SW image on your Xavier NX again?

I have tried reflashing the image, and it has produced exactly the same stalemate. What other issue could this have been?

You tried sdcard image or sdkmanager?

The sdcard image.

Please try sdkmanager if this is boot problem. sdcard image cannot resolve most boot issues.

Please see this post I just made:

My jetson nx is now undetectable by the host computer, which is a MacOS at the moment. I’ve also checked the mac’s USB info and it is indeed not detected. Is this a host computer issue or a further complication of the jetson hardware?

MacOS? I don’t thin the SDK manager can work well, suggest to use a host PC with native Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

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