Jetson NX does not boot

the display on my Jetson xavier NX stopped working (I played a bit with the drivers) so I flashed a new image on the sd card to start from scratch. Now the jetson does not boot anymore. Power LED is on but I cannot ping the device or anything.
I verified the image with a second Jetson NX I have around and there it worked.
Is my device broken?

Thanks in advance

Please use sdkmanager to flash that board. If even that cannot make your board work, maybe it is time to RMA the device.

SDK manager finds the NX in recovery mode but does not get further 99.0% at Flash Jetson OS.
SDK Manager is

The debug tips on this page can give the log to tell why flash failed.

But again it may still need you to RMA the device in the end.

By pausing the installation it jumped to 100%. Now I can use the board again. Still thanks for your help!

I don’t think pausing the installation has anything to do with the flash.

But anyway, glad to hear it is still working.