Jetson Xavier NX Will Not Boot

Hi all,

I have a Jetson Xavier NX SBCs that has recently stopped booting on me. It started with a kernel panic error on a Ubuntu image. Not sure what happened in-between that and the no boot error but essentially the Xavier will not boot at all now. The LEDs light up green and the fan spins (endlessly) but I don’t even get the Nvidia screen when hooked to an HDMI. I am happy to try anything at this point including a full factory reset, I would just need pointing to how to do that.

Thank you for any and all help!


are you using a DevKit or a third-party carrier board?
Can you put the UART boot log here?

If you don’t have the TTL cable, or you don’t know what I mean with UART, just do a re-flash.
For DevKits, please use either SDK Manager or follow the flashing guide:
For third-party carrier board, please contact the vendor for how to flash it.

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