Unable to reboot Jetson TX2


I have been using Jetson TX2 for quite some time now. I have been able to reboot the system as and when needed.
But today after reboot, Jetson TX2 failed to start. The Keyboard connected to it also doesn’t seem to start.
Just to check if there was a problem with the ports I powered ON Nvidia Xavier with the same connections and everything seemed to work. I am not sure why Jetson TX2 isn’t booting up. I can see red power ON LED’s and also two green LEDs on power on.

Requesting immediate help!

Thank you!


This may be unrelated, but should be considered…

If you used standard login credentials without changing the password, and if the unit is accessible to other “less than friendly” systems (e.g., in dormitories or visible to the internet without router protection), then someone may have just done something malicious (and thus flashing would be required).

If this is not the case, then we’d probably need a serial console boot log. See:

If it turns out something went wrong in boot, then it is possible the procedure would still start as attempting to flash a fresh install.

In the case of video failing, then there are a lot of possibilities related to configuration, but the keyboard failing is another story and so something else is probably going on.


Please follow @linuxdev’s comment to enable the serial console and share the boot log with us. Thanks.