Jetson TX2 first booting attempt

Hello everyone

I just received a brand new NVidia Jetson TX2. I followed the instructions - plugged USB keyboard, HDMI for display and power supply. After pressing power button, some leds are green (fan not running, but during booting this should be excpected). Nothing happens on the HDMI device, CapsLock button is not triggering any led on the keyboard. I found on the forum that I should try powering up Jetson and after few minutes input the HDMI device - without any success. I plugged the ethernet cable, but my router does not recognize any new device, thus I find it rather impossible to connect via ssh. Is there anything I can do, or is it possible, that the device came broken? Or did I something wrong for the first booting?

The jetson shipped by NVIDIA should come pre-flashed with an Ubuntu 16 operating system. Maybe for some reason your installation was corrupted, and thus you could try reflashing the jetson’s internal memory.

To do that, you’ll have to download the filesystem, hook up the jetson to a Linux PC and boot your board to recovery mode. Have a read at the answer to this thread:

From experience, booting in recovery mode can be a bit annoying. The steps are:

  • Power on the Tegra module (green leds come on)
  • Hold the recovery button (labelled “REC”)
  • Press the reset button (“RST”) and wait 2 seconds before releasing REC

If you did it right, you should see a “Nvidia Corp” device when you type the “lsmod” command on your Linux PC.

Good luck!

Most likely it is HDMI not auto-configuring (especially if using adapters or if there is something unusual about the monitor). You might get to a console with CTRL-ALT-F2. Serial console is by far the best way to see what is going on even when things fail. See:

If your router tells you what IP address was assigned, then you might “ssh ubuntu@what_ever_IP_address_it_is” (or just ping the address). The account “ubuntu” has default pass “ubuntu”, and account “nvidia” has pass “nvidia” (be sure to change those if you don’t control the network).