Jetson TX2 can't load, stuck on logo page

I was testing with Jetson Tx2 and during running, I lost my connection, after that, I thought maybe it’s because of internet connection, so I turned off it and I saw just NVIDIA logo. I tried to flash it and it was done successfully but after turn on the platform. I see just NVIDIA logo. I think the problem is EMMC hardware issue. so my question is why I afforded with this problem and how I can solve it?

Are you saying that when you turn this on it is stuck permanently in the logo? Or does the logo go away and then regular video never shows up? In the former I’d say possibly hardware failure (though the flash might have failed and left the unit this way until a correct flash comes along), but in the latter it might just be a video configuration issue.

at first, I see just NVIDIA logo after a few seconds, The screen is become black and after a few seconds again I see NVIDIA logo and after some minutes I have a screen with some details about tegra profiler,sata, hdmi and etc.

This could still be nothing more than a video configuration issue, but it seems like more is going on. If you connect the micro-B USB cable to the host, and put the TX2 in recovery mode, do you find lsusb shows the recovery mode device? Use “lsusb -d 0955:7c18”.

If you have a serial console cable (serial UART), then this is by far the best way to know what is going on. Serial console has almost no dependencies and will even show information from boot stages before Linux ever loads. Serial console programs can log bootup. See:

The messages you do see may be part of normal boot messages, but having the NVIDIA logo show up at the start, and then again after a few minutes, tends to imply the unit rebooted itself from the watchdog timer. Serial console should verify if that is the case.