Stuck in Forced Recovery mode

I have just installed Jetpack. However on boot-up the TX2 appears to be stuck in forced recovery mode, both the power and Force Recovery indicators are illuminated. On power up the Nvidia logo is displayed followed by a long list “starting usb…etc” the screen then goes blank. No OS loads.

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a force recovery indicator, the two green LEDs light during either recovery or normal operation (the LED being near the recovery button is just coincidence). Basically the system is up and running normally and you’re just seeing unconfigured video.

Is your monitor purely HDMI without any adapters? Is there anything unusual about the monitor, e.g., being a television?

FYI, you should be able to see your router get a DHCP request for an IP address during boot, and then use ssh. Sometimes CTRL-ALT-F2 would get you to a text mode terminal. There is also serial console (recommended):

There is some information for video debugging:

Newbie, if you can detect ip address of the Jetson using the router you may approach connecting it via ssh, as linuxdev mentioned.