Jetson nano stuck at Nvidia logo

First boot, set up the jetson normally and it works fine then booting the jetson next day it is stuck at the nvidia logo

Please Help

You will probably need a serial console boot log. I suspect you won’t get any log, but that is part of the useful information. It isn’t unusual for video to fail even though the rest of the system is actually up and running. For serial console see:

Good day.
Just open the jetson nano and it works. Dont know why it works just now but when I plug the power supply it just turn on and proceed in booting.
Is there any reason for this? I am a bit scare that it just run normally today and the next time I reboot the nano it will just be stuck again in the nvidia logo. Hope that the jetson nano remains to work normally.

Usually such issues are related to the power supply. Jetsons are very picky when it comes to how well the supply is regulated right at the moment of power on. Even a slight momentary power drop from a current spike at power on can cause problems. I am just speculating since there is no way to know why it didn’t work before, but that would be the most likely cause.