Nvidia Jetson nano freezes at Nvidia logo screen - Need Assistance

I recently bought Jetson Nano on second week of July. While setting up the Jetson Nano for my project it crashed and upon powering on again, it keeps getting stuck at the Nvidia logo screen, and I am unable to proceed beyond this point. The frozen screen prevents me from accessing the system interface or performing any actions.

Jetson Nano Model and Specifications:

Model: Jetson Nano Developer Kit
Operating System: Linux
Memory Storage Capacity: 4 GB
Additional Hardware: Mouse, keyboard, monitor and wifi module.

I kindly request assistance from the Nvidia community in identifying the root cause of this problem and finding potential solutions. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or knows of a possible workaround, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Are you sure the SD card with the image is placed corretly and does have the correct image, sorry maybe a silly comment but I had this once. If there is no image the Jetson shows after booting only the NVidia logo.



Yes the image was flashed correctly on to the SD card. As I said it crashed when I was installing the required dependancies for my project.

Please check this thread Debug tips when you hit any issue (fail to boot/ keep reboot …etc) - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums to see if can help.

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