Kann den Jetson Nano nicht booten. Nvidia Logo erscheint nur

Ich habe den das Bild so auf die SD Karte formatiert wie es auf der Website stande, jedoch erscheint nur nvidia Logo und bleibe dort hängen. Woran könnte es liegen

Hi leon2607,

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Translated by Google
“I have formatted the picture on the SD card as it was on the website, but only the nvidia logo appears and gets stuck there. What could it be?”

i Cant boot the Jetson nano. I put the image the same things as it says on the website with the Sd Cart formater and echer. I also tried another power adaptor with 5,25V and 3 A but it also doesnt help. I can only see the logo of the nvidia

please dump the serial console log. Stuck in nv logo means the kernel is not able to boot up.

I also have to do this if I want to connect the jetson nano with an screen and not with my computer?

This is for debug only but not ask you to use such connection forever.

Any update? Is this still an issue to support?