Jetson Nano board stuck at Nvidia logo on startup

Hi, my Jetson Nano board won’t boot up, it just stays on the Nvidia logo and the green light stays on. I’ve flashed it with the latest firmware and I have a raspberry pi power adapter rated for 5V and 2.5A. I’ve re-flashed the SD several times but nothing seems to work and the troubleshooting page is of no help.

Update: I tried connecting it with displayport and nothing shows up at all when I do. The green light is still on though.

Hi theelk801,

We have similar topic about yours.
Please format your SDcard first and try again:

$ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdX1

Hi theelk801,

Did you resolve the issue?

I have same problem when following jetbot wiki. I have found that: the guild on is updated with 2 methods. Meanwhile, On the jetbot wiki there is only one option without mention which version of jetson nano 2gb or 4gb:

I am using the 2GB version of jetson nano. There is option for this for each methods. Hope this help !

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