Jetson nano, booting issues

Trying to start out to boot the Jetson Nano. The booting process is stuck only at the Nvidia’s logo. And then nothing happens. Attaching a video of the thing.

-The SD card has been flashed. Only the HDMI monitor is plugged in.
-the Green LED light is always on. So not sure if it’s a power issue.

Can you access via serial console from USB-Debug ?

I cannot do this, since I don’t have that USB cable. Do you know how I can reset the board while it’s booting up? Like I read something about using jumper cables and the reset pin but I’m not sure where that is.

It’s inside of the J11 pin (next to the CSI connector). If you look the board’s bottom side, you can see RST pins.

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Additionally, J12 pin has also reset connector. You can connect 7. and 8. pins

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ok lmao, I installed the wrong OS image. closing this thread.