Jetson Nano not booting up

Received my Jetson Nano Development board today.

I copied the image and flashed into a MicroSD card using Etcher.
My first boot up was successful, i was able to see the setup page, completed the setup process in the Ubuntu.
After that Jetson Nano rebooted, and i could not boot up anymore.

Any help?


Is it a “could not boot up anymore” issue or you didn’t know if it boots up?

Do you have any uart console to dump the log?

If even serial console does not give any log, then it is probably a hardware issue.

However, if serial console still dumps boot log but you see nothing in HDMI, then it is a display driver issue and we need to investigate.

Interesting. These are the same symptoms I saw - see] - I was using image

WayneWWW suggested I use sdkmanager to re-flash the Nano (I used manual mode when prompted). Tentatively this looks to be working (I’m in the middle of it right now). For me it has been a big job because I didn’t have a suitable Ubuntu lying around and ended up building a machine out of parts, and even burning a DVD (!). Still, in the end… The Nano is showing video again when before there was no HDMI output at all. Yay! I’m still learning about sdkmanager but it seems to have re-programmed my Nano from the ground up, including some very low level stuff. My Nano didn’t even have any serial output so I thought it was properly dead.

As always your mileage may vary and good luck!

Hi Wayne, thanks for the reply.

I can see green light PWR LED, but there is no serial output from the console, so i don’t know if its booting up.

Hi Martin,

I could try the sdkmanager method too, hope that it can help to revive the nano. Thanks.

Hi leejiawei83,

Have you managed to get the device boot up successfully? Any result can be shared?

Hi Kayccc,

I have not successfully setup the the sdkmanager. Will share the result after i have it.