URGENT! Jetson Nano HDMI Monitor not being displayed

hello guys I have flashed micro-sd card with sd-blob-bo1.img downloaded from the official nvidia site. I am powering the jetson nano with a 12v battery with current rating of 12amps and I have a 12v to 5v converter outputing max 10 amps which is used to power the jetson nano using the power jack. I have the green light on the board but after the first boot (which was successful) and setting up my username and account the jetson nano restarted and ever since I haven’t been able to display the nano on the monitor again? Are there are ways I can resolve this issue? If you need additinonal clues Let me Know!.

You need to post a serial console boot log. This shows information even during boot stages prior to Linux, and it works when much of the system has crashed and burned. See:

I’m encountering difficulty in entering commands directly on the Jetson Nano due to a display issue preventing the monitor from functioning properly. Is there a solution to this problem? Additionally, I attempted a headless connection, but I faced challenges in establishing a communication link with a device via the console.

Because I think this is a hardware issue I will return this and get a new one. I will see if the new one will work

Serial console does not use a monitor. It uses the host PC for all display. This is very likely a software issue. That serial console report though is close to mandatory if you want to see what is going on.

Incidentally, the Jetson itself sometimes needs to be flashed (there is QSPI memory on the module). That content is both the software equivalent of a BIOS, plus boot content. If that content is not compatible with the SD card content, then it won’t work. A serial console boot log should answer some of this. Without it there is very little else you can do other than to flash the module itself which might or might not do the job. If you wish to flash, then an Ubuntu 18 host PC is recommended (Jetsons don’t have a BIOS, so they cannot self-flash).

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