Jetson Nano Boot Issue

I am facing a problem in booting the Jetson Nano, The actual problem is only the power light (Yellow LED is glowing), but there is no response from the USB or HDMI.
I have tried to change the OS and SD card, after the new SD card with New Jetpack I am facing the same issue. Pls assist me to sort this problem. As we are doing research project, we are in the desperate need of the Jetson Nano Board. Pls look the issue and sort out the issue as soon as possible.

Details of the Jetson Nano Board:
Serial No:1422319078728 (Under Warranty)
1.Yes, Jetson nano is properly powered.
2.Yellow LED(POWERT LED) is on.
3.only power led is turned ON. Nano is not booting(not giving any response to HDMI or USB).


Do you have a Jetson Nano DevKit or custom designed carrier board?

@MtHiker We have Jetson nano developer Kit,

Then, I would recommend using serial console to dig what’s wrong.

If you do not have any response from console, you’d better replace the Nano module to another one.

Thank you @MtHiker , I will try this