Jetson Nano not booting consistently

Is there anything that would cause a Nano not to boot? Every now and then when the power gets reconnected to the nano the light on the board shows green but when a display is connected via hdmi nothing shows. The device is also not connected to the network at this time. The only way to fix is to remove/reconnect power source and then the device will again show the green power light and then the monitor will display the nano. Trying to figure out why I have to power cycle the device every now and then.

Any ideas?

hello blake.yates,

did you disable auto power-on? please refer to Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide for the steps to enable it.

I am not seeing any info on how to enable it. I am currently powering the jetson via USB-C.

hello blake.yates,

Jetson Nano Developer Kit it requires a 5V power supply,
you should give the power supply with the micro-USB or J25 power jack.