Something wrong with my jetson nano unexpectedly

It worked before. After I used it for several times, the power came on and only the green light on the board came on. The usb did not provide power. I could judge by the fact that the mouse did not light up. Also no video output, I always use dp port. I heard it was a system problem. I reinstalled the system several times, but it didn’t help. it seems that i cant turn it on again .What’s going on here? Is there any advice for this situation? Also, I’m not sure if the recent system reinstallation is correct. Look forward to and appreciate your help.

What was your way to reinstall? By using sdkmanager or still the sdcard image?

img,i formatted the card and used balenaEtcher,on my win 10 laptop,is it the reason of this situation?thanks again

We cannot tell. But for most of jetson nano fails to boot issue, it could be resolved by flashing with sdkmanager from another x86 host ubuntu18.04.

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