Jetson nano not powering up


I have 3 jetson nano modules. One is not powering the board powers up and switched off.(green led goes on and then off). Other 2 boards do not show anything on the display but the green led is on.

I was able to check the nano moduled with a different carrier board which is working with a separate module.

The problems seems to be in the nano modules not the carrier boards.

Is there a possible solution or a method to repair the nano modules.

The power supply connected had 5.38V.

Not sure what have been operated on those Nano modules before, only can suggest to do the falsh again by JetPack again via the SDK manager.

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The problem i, even though the carrier board has the green led on, the nano is
even booting up. I am using the jetson nano 4.6.1 image in the sd card

Is there a possibility for the nano boards to be damaged from higher voltage or any other means ?

That could be, the power adaptor need to be in spec to avoid damage.

Is there an hardware repair guide for the jetson nano module?

You should flash the whole board with sdkmanager first. Sdcard image is not able to really fix boot issue.

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Thanks @WayneWWW Will try that method.

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