Jetson Nano 4gb Not powering up no green led


The carrier board of jetson nano 4gb is not powering up. The green led also wont poer up. The issue arrived eventually. Initially the jetson will get power and is powered down instantly green led switches on and will go off. I had a 2 pin fan connected to it the fan is working as soon as the barrel jack is connected to 5V.

Now both is not working as soon as the power is supplied the fan tries to work but fails and jetson is not powered at all.

Is there a method to repair the carrier board or do I have to replace it.

Thanks in advanced

Do you mean the devkit had no problem before, and now it fails to boot up? Do you have hardware experience to check the power supply, components broken? If so, you can refer to the carrier board schematic to check the risk components. If not, you may send it RMA.

Thanks @Trumany
I will check the power supply part from the schematics

Hi @Trumany

I tried to poer the jetson nano using the micro usb the power now seems to enter the device. The green led switches on for few seconds and goes off. The barrell connector is not working at all. There is 5v voltage from the gpio 5v but not 3.3v Seems like the 3.3v citcuit is damaged

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