Jetson Nano Not Booting

I am trying to get my Jetson Nano to work again after not using for a year. When I plug in with the USB micro and the barrel jack jumper disconnected, the power LED lights up for about half a second, and then shuts off. When I remove the SD card, the LED stays on until the Jetson loses power. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? When powering on with the barrel jack with a 5V 4A supply, the same issue happens. I have tried 32.2.3, b01, and the most recent OS released. The model number is P3450.

If the power LED is even off, then it sounds like a hardware problem.

Does this issue happen on both micro usb poewr and barrel jack?

Yes. It is with both.

It looks like hardware issue. Can it enter recovery mode? Can you see the supply current value of input 5V? If something broken, the current might be very high.

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