Booting issues

Just received my Jetson nano. Went through the instructions on website on how to set it up. Flashed SD card and everything. PLUGGED THE SD card into nano. Plugged HDMI to tv display. Connect 5V 4A power DC jack to nano and my fan comes on, but the display doesn’t boot up. Also there is no green light when i plug in the DC jack. Is there anything I am missing? Or could this be an issue with the board, since the LED doesn’t come on?

Near the barrel jack is a 2-pin 0.1" spacing header. Did you jumper this? For using the barrel jack that needs to be in place; for using the micro-USB connector as power, the jumper must not be in place.

Yes the jumper is in. I’m using the DC jack not the Micro USB to power it. the light still won’t come on. I ordered a replacement today that should come in.

If led does not light up after your plug the power cable, please RMA your device.