[Urgent] Jetson nano is not displaying

Hi. I am having trouble displaying jetson nano.
as soon as i got my jetson, i booted it with 5v 2a micro 5pin jack.
But while booting , the board went down.
I repluged 5v 2a, but it was not displaying. only the power light on the board was on.

After few research, I found out that I had to use barrel jack (5v 4a), so I changed my power to barrel jack.
But still the power light is on and not displaying.
What should I do?

(I tried several HDMIs, DPs, Monitors, SD CARDs but didn’t work.)

Try to reflash your jetson with sdkamanger.

Also, check the serial console. This says a lot more about the system since it does not need network or video drivers to function.

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