Jetson nano not booting up

I’m using a jetson nano with a 5v 3A power supply, 32 gigs samsung sd card.I’m having trouble getting the nano to boot.It was working well till yesterday.I have tried switching displays but to no luck.I also tried to boot with a 5V 2.5 A charger via USB.
UPDATE: I tried to boot with a new image in a new sd card but that didn’t work.

Do you have a volt meter you can use to check the voltage?

I had trouble booting until I got a 5v 4A power supply that outputs around 5.2v.

No I don’t have a voltmeter available. If my power supply was the issue I shouldn’t have been able to use it in the first place.I have been using it for a couple of weeks now.

Hi 2tkdinesh,

If the power indicator led is still on, then I think you should dump the serial console first.